Book review “Effective Java”

I have being reading one of the classic book in java development “Effective Java”. I must say it is one of the must read book for every java developer. The author Joshua Bloch wrote this book in very convenient way, All the contents are divided into small individual items, each item stands independent to other items, so we can read any item in no particular order and at any time.
All the items are at most useful in day to day development. It gives the best practices in java development. A typical item in this goes this way, first explain the concept , what we should not do , what we have to do to rectify the problems, alternate approaches with example taken from java standard library, advantages ,disadvantages of each approach and lastly a summary of the item.
This book is not for the beginners who starting to learn java development. It would be best to read this book after becoming familiar to Java core concepts.

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