Side Effects of Comfort Zone

Are you a developer working on the same product/project from a long time ?, there are many changes that you had habituated to be in comfort zone.

I have been working on Java web services since last 2 years, recently I look back and verified what I have achieved since last year or two.

I haven’t seen any significant difference in my knowledge base. I had been in a very comfort zone. Being in the comfort zone made me lazy and limited my exposure. Now after 2 years looking back I can see what I missed , There are a lot of technologies that are emerging and I felt that I am left behind. Just Scratching the technology surface is not enough, how much expertise you have on that subject matter is plays a major role. In fact since I have been working on the same technology, I have lost my incites on even core part of the Java. Today I decided to brush-up my knowledge and learn the latest frameworks and tools.

Technologies I need brushUp:
1. Core Java (JavaSE)
2. Adv Java (Servlets,Jsp,Jdbc)).
3. MySql

Technologies I should update to:
1. Hibernate ORM
2. Spring
a) Spring Core
b) Spring MVC
c) Spring dataLayer

There are a lot more latest technologies , but I am making a definite goal here. My goal is to brush up core part and improve my knowledge base and beginner to intermediate level of hands on experience on frameworks(Hibernate/Spring) by 25-09-2016.


About sivateja

I am a professional graduate..I am passionate about Latest Technology.
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