5 ways to connect to MongoDB


I have been working on Mongo java 2.x driver , Recently we planned to update our Java driver version to 3.x.  Then i got realized that a lot has been changed.
Now lets start working on Mongo-Java-Driver 3.2 version.



Example Program:

Lets look at the different ways to connect to the mongoDB

public class ConnectToMongoDb {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // 1. directly connect to single local mongo server
        MongoClient mongoClient1 =  new MongoClient();

        //2. or
        MongoClient mongoClient2 =  new MongoClient("localhost");

        //3. connect to the local mongo server with specific port
        MongoClient mongoClient3 =  new MongoClient("localhost",27017);

        //4 connect to the mongo servers with auto discovery features
        MongoClient mongoClient4 =  new MongoClient(
                Arrays.asList(new ServerAddress("localhost", 27017),
                              new ServerAddress("localhost", 27018),
                              new ServerAddress("localhost", 27019)));

        //5 connect to mongo server using connection string
        MongoClientURI mongoClientURI =  new MongoClientURI("mongo://username:passowrd@localhost:27018/dbname");
        MongoClient mongoClient5= new MongoClient(mongoClientURI);

        MongoDatabase database = mongoClient1.getDatabase("databaseName");



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