The Journey starts

Today’s post is not related to Technology. Today I just want to share some thoughts and plans I wanted to execute and terribly failed and still failing.

Spoiler alert: this post contain my random thoughts. And the flow of my mind. 

  1. First I always wish to woke up in early morning and do exercise. So in the night I prepare my mind that “from tomorrow I am going to run” but in the morning nothing, as usually sleeping upto 8 P.M and telling myslef that lets try tomorrow. The same routine from the last two year’s. 
  2. The next thing I wanted to travel. I just want to travel a lot. In my childhood I used to think that is there any job that has a lot of traveling I am going to do that. But after my intermediate it’s just gone. It’s been around 8 years my passed my 12th. Now again I am exited about traveling. meanwhile a lot has changed in my life. I wanted travel now, but a just afraid to travel, fear of insecurity. A lot of in security gathered In side me. So in this also I have been failing.
  3. The next important thing is work. I am working in Information Technology. Nice job. there has been a lot of pseudo opinions imposed on me about this field. That made a negative impression. I am coming out of all those false beliefs. But that costed me 2 years of my time.
  4. Coming to family upto now I am pretty much good at maintaining family relationships. I am very good boy. Rama is good boy type. For now family part successful. 
  5. Now the friends and fun part: I don’t know , why I became this much insecure. I was literally afraid to come out of my comfort zone. Most of the times I rejected go out with my friends. Now I regret that I would have gone out. Besides that I got very good friends they gave me freedom.
  6. Coming to fun part. I had a bit of fun too. Most of the fun all I had was with my family. A bit with friends. I wish had spent time with friends also.

    These are the some of my regrets/failures I had. Even though it’s not late, I have plenty of time to change all of those.

    This is for today’s post.

    References: my mind


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    I am a professional graduate..I am passionate about Latest Technology.
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