I have been working as a software developer since last 3 years, A lot of things happened in these past 3 years.

During my course,

  • I wanted to become “world class” developer.
  • I wanted to travel at least 3 countries.
  • I wanted to work for top companies.
  • I wanted to see my self as a “The Solution Provider”.
  • I wanted to have a huge salary package.

All these are served me as great motivators.

With all these wishes and ambitions I started my career, putting my head into all the technologies and all the projects, surfing on the internet for latest tech and trends….getting complements from my managers… All is well,

Now the time has come. ” THE PERFORMANCE REVIEW ”

Every body know what happens in side the cabin. (if you don’t know read my gurus blog posts: http://sivaprasadreddy.com/)

Now there is not that momentum, once there is not much momentum I started to observe my surroundings, what happens around me. then the perfect question comes “Y?”

If you have a mentor, you are the most fortunate person. then i started for a mentor, who can answer all my questions.

The quest begins.  Where to start.?

My quest stared from InfoWorld form there to I landed to Dzone  , great place to read blog post from great people from all around the world.

After some days , One fine day I happen to read a blog post from sivalabs

After reading the blog posts,  I got greatly motivated. I started following him, through his blog posts, tweets, linked in,Github, emails… I used almost all social networking sites 😛

He is like a static Ip for me though which i connected to the world of developers. 😀

From there now I follow great people, great articles.

Here is the some of my favorite blogs

  1. http://sivalabs.in/
  2. https://shekhargulati.com/
  3. https://trishagee.github.io/
  4. http://www.baeldung.com/
  5. https://www.thoughts-on-java.org/

I was grateful to http://sivalabs.in/ ,  for being my mentor.

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.
-Ayn Rand

Thanks for all the great people, who blog their thoughts, those will  become stepping stones for young people like me.


About sivateja

I am a professional graduate..I am passionate about Latest Technology.
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One Response to Dreams-blogs-mentors

  1. Hi SivaTeja,
    It is pleasure talking to you. You reminds me how I was when I started my career…, a passionate developer, eager to know things, have thirst to know about meaning of life.

    I am glad that you liked my blog and I hope it helps someone to not make the same mistakes that I made.

    Keep blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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