Key takeaways from Trisha gee’s  GoTo 2013 career advice for programmers

Most of you already know who Trisha Gee is.  She is one of my favorite Developer. I have been watching her talks lately and thought of noting down the key takeaways.

You can watch full video here


Below are the some of points I have noted down from her GOTO 2013 talk.

  1. Only you going to be manage your own career.
  2. you need to invest your own time in your own career.
  3. The more time you invest in pet projects, opensource etc, the less shitty you job is, because these will help you landing in better jobs.
  4. If you really want most of your life, you need steer it in a non drunken fashion.
  5. Be different and stand out, you have to have something which makes you different (like CV, GitHub, blog, etc).
  6. If you have to have your  CV in PDF.
  7. One of the things you should do is , rephrase your work experience so that it looks like your new role.
  8. Invest in building your CV, so that it would stand out.
  9. As an Engineer we are kind of liked to be a bit more factual.
  10. The key to be in technical is to “stay ahead of the curve”
  11. You don’t need to be an expert in all things, Be an expert enough on the stuff you need to know.
  12. Internal visibility
    1. Work on popular project in your office
    2. Networking
  13. External visibility
    1. Work for popular company
    2. Working on a famous project
    3. Contributing to open source projects
    4. GitHub
    5. Writing a Blog
    6. Writing a Book
    7. etc
  14. You need to know who is the person that you need to market yourself to.
  15. Don’t put all technologies you have learnt in your CV.

You can follow Trisha

  1. Blog –
  2. Twitter – @trisha_gee
  3. or else you can google about her.

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