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Basics of Hibernate Basics

Configuration (C) An instance of configuration allow the application to specify the properties and mapping documents necessary to build Session Factory. Usually an application will create a single Configuration. Build a single instance of Session Factory. The configuration is meant … Continue reading

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Encapsulation Vs Abstraction – revisited

OOPs Concepts Inheritance Polymorphism Abstraction Encapsulation The first two Inheritance and polymorphism has been pretty straight to understand, Inheritance à the child class get the properties of the parent class, and so on Polymorphism -> the object behaves differently in … Continue reading

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Key takeaways from Trisha gee’s  GoTo 2013 career advice for programmers

Most of you already know who Trisha Gee is.  She is one of my favorite Developer. I have been watching her talks lately and thought of noting down the key takeaways. You can watch full video here   Below are the … Continue reading

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I have been working as a software developer since last 3 years, A lot of things happened in these past 3 years. During my course, I wanted to become “world class” developer. I wanted to travel at least 3 countries. … Continue reading

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The Journey starts

Today’s post is not related to Technology. Today I just want to share some thoughts and plans I wanted to execute and terribly failed and still failing. Spoiler alert: this post contain my random thoughts. And the flow of my … Continue reading

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Remove White spaces in String

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Reverse an ArrayList

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